Mobile Phone Application

Mobile Phone Application
You can control your smart home and security devices by tapping the IP intercom screen icons in your home.

If your IP monitor is a wi-fi tablet type, you can control your smart home and security devices and answer calls while sitting on your couch. Or you can activate various scenes such as “AT HOME”, “AWAY”, “AT SLEEP arak by touching an icon to operate several smart home devices at the same time.

All the above axamples can be done away from home with your mobile phone. All you need is to have an internet connection and install the Multitek smart home app.

Multitek SMART HOME APPLICATION is FREE, you do not need to pay for LICENSE FEE.

To download the smart home app:

a) - for Android mobile phones

Download Link
b) - APPLE STORE for IOS mobile phones. "Multitek"

Please check the attached user manual for mobile applications. Mobile application controls;

1. Smart home devices
2. Alarm devices
In the event of an alarm, you will also receive a message indicating the alarm status.
3. If there is no answer to your intercom monitor, you will receive a message about the caller picture.

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