Multitek Apartment Apt160 Intercom Power Plant

Multitek Apartment Apt160 Intercom Power Plant

APT160 Intercom Switchboard

APT160 Intercom Power Plant »Up to 176 apartments can be serviced with the APT160 model in a single power plant.

»Multi-block spaces with the Collector Switchboard to serve unlimited space.

»All apartments can have a secret meeting with each other, with the caretaker, social facility (if any), sentence door, security cabin (if any). This feature is available only on APT160 products. (The number of interview channels is not limited as in other systems.)

»Unlimited capacity with modular connection from single flat to multi-block sites.

»Ability to connect video or audio devices to the same system.

»Economic solution with a single system for several apartment blocks.

»If there is more than one door entry or block entry, it can be seen separately (up to 8).

»Outdoor CCTV with garden, playground, car park, main entrance door places such as

monitor (up to 3 cameras).

»Opening the door of the sentence with the password (the password and password definitions for each apartment can be set by each resident programmable).

»If you want to leave the apartment if you want to forward calls to your neighbor.

»On request, no other apartment can call you (programmable).

»Internal communication with common areas such as security and social units.

»Ability to negotiate with the units you will need such as taxi stand, hairdresser, market (sites or apartments demand the cost of income from the workplaces where they use this feature).

»In case of a fire, earthquake or police incident, a central siren can be activated from within the apartment to alert all residents of the apartment.

»Intercom system can be used as a personal alarm system, fire, burglar, gas leak, etc. to connect detectors.

»The opportunity to have access to 176 villas, security, social facilities, each villa's own garden or villa entrance door, with the opportunity to see the entrance of each villa.

»Video intercom system can be used as alarm system by installing fire burglar detectors (Optional).

»Monitoring of alarm and unwanted situations by Site Security with Site Tracking Program.

»If the apartment monitors are busy during a call,

alerting the speakers by sending a warning tone by the concierge.

»On multi-block sites, security will allow the caller to see his / her apartment, block number on the console screen and immediately run to help in emergencies.

»And many more features.

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Multitek Apartment Apt160 Intercom Power Plant

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