Multitek Ip İntercom Guv-Ip100 10 "Handset And Handsfree Security Console

Multitek Ip İntercom Guv-Ip100 10 "Handset And Handsfree Security Console

»Conversation with the handset

»Block, apartment numbers, names of callers, dialed apartments

»Easy search by phone book,

»If CCTV IP CAMERA is connected to security, transfer the camera image to the circle screen when the circle is searched. (This way, the apartment sees who came to the security mob without answering.)

»Automatic switching of incoming call to programmed security if one security is busy,

»Collection and evaluation of alarm messages in the console,

»The ability to send bulk SMS messages to the apartments.

General features:

»Making all the features related to the device by touching the device screen. Long-life display with fast touch detection and capacitive touch function.

»Analogue time, date and ambient temperature information on the device home page and“ EMERGENCY CALL BUTTON MAK FOR USE in emergencies. Icons that remind you of the features used.

»Display feature that goes into sleep mode to save energy, and exits sleep mode when touched.

»GUI pages and icons for easy operation of the device.

»Intercom feature to search apartments and all units as telephone.

»One touch security, concierge, site manager, site service search, video door to apartment door.

»Caller, record of dialed numbers. Easy search of apartments with phone book feature.

»Özellikler Don't disturb”, et Follow me ”, yönlendir Direct me if I'm busy” etc.

»Connecting and monitoring apartment doors with one turn.

»Call all apartments / units and make interviews with video.

»Superior audio and video quality.

»Display the number and name of the caller / unit (CID feature).

»Calls from different units (door, security, interior ring, apartment) ring with different melodies. These melodies can be optionally changed and loaded.

»Ability to use the device as an alarm clock.

»One-touch apartment door camera, apartment door camera, security cameras and site cameras can be connected.

»Send and receive messages between all devices with message sending feature.

»Record the picture of incoming calls (1000). (Unlimited with SD card.)

»The services feature allows you to place orders on the network (or on the Internet), for example, taxi calls, newspaper orders.

»Check the status of the device and detect the malfunction.

»Easy and quick connection of the device to the network in seconds. What technical information is not required for connection and maintenance of the device.

»System software update via SD card or computer, addition of new functions.

»Easy to use with descriptive icons.

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Multitek Ip İntercom Guv-Ip100 10 "Handset And Handsfree Security Console

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