New Multitek Ipx-10 Ip Switchboard For Small Business 4 External 8 Internal Growable Switchboard

Multitek Ipx-10 Ip Switchboard For Small Business 4 External 8 Internal Growable Switchboard


»4 analog external starts, 8 analog internal starts, 4 external 20 internal or 6 external grows up to 16 internal.

»1 digital subscriber.

»8 IP trunk and 8 IP telephony VoIP channels

»8 channel voice response

»100 hours voice recording and voicemail box

»Battery connection circuit ready (uses one 12 / 10Ah battery)

»PC console

»Web based remote access and programming


»Campus power plant feature (power plants with fiber connection in different places)

»Display extension, external line caller number (FSK)

»12/16 KHz, polarity change charge signal

»Music on hold (upload to switchboard)

»WEB based operation (programming, update and backup)

»PC console with busy board view and easy operation

»SMDR (storing 10000 pieces of information and sending them to PC)

»8 channel voice response system (8 sub-branching)

»Five different announcements (5 different greetings for incoming calls)

»Voice mail box (20 programmable terminals total 100 hours)

»Night service

»Direct external line service



»And many more subscribers

Operating System: Linux

Technology Digital, registered program

Tones Standard, various, programmable

Curl Resistance 1 Kohm (phone included)

Telephones Standard, fax, IP phone, wi-fi phone

Interference Attenuation Less than 1 dBm

Diaphony Attenuation Less than 65 dBm

Switching Digital, IP

Supply 100-240 VAC, line voltage of 24/48 VDC

Pricing Information 12/16 KHZ, polarity change, virtual

Ethernet Interface 10/100 Base T


SMDR Memory 10,000 call storage

Integrated Voicemail Box 24 terminals total 100 hours

Remote Access Internet / Ethernet

Voice Recording Feature 20 subscribers (PC hard disk recording) (review with ET2000 program)

Voice Response System 8 channels (8 lower levels 5 different greetings)

Switchboard Capacity Up to 24 ports

VoIP Channel 16

VoIP Trunk Type Internal subscriber, incoming / outgoing line, robot operator

SIP Registrar 100 pcs

VoIP Codecs G711, G723, G729

Dimensions of the plant 250x50x270 cm

Plant weight (average) Working environment 1.5Kgr

Temperature -10 to 45 C degrees

Operating environment humidity 0-80% non-condensing

Energy consumption 100VA

IPX-10 Switchboard Subscriber Features

»Subscriber restriction (internal, external, long distance, MOBILE, etc.)

»Internal / External search


»Idle parking of external calls

»Automatic search

»Call collection

»DISA (direct domestic call)

»PBX feature

»Connecting external lines

»Wake up / Warning service

»Password lock

»Automatic search from memory

»Repeat last number

»Limit talk time

»Ability to make conferences to external and internal lines

»Grouping different lines

»Intercom connection


" Watch me

»Search from memory

»Do not disturb

»Direct dialing of external number (emergency line)

»Night service

»Direct external line service



»And many more subscribers

Peripherals Connectable to IPX10

»Analog standard phone

»CID phone

»KTS500» IP analog console set

»DTS500 numerical set

»IP Phone

»IP» DECT phone


»WiFi phone

»IP exchange

»Door intercom and door opening circuit

»FCT device

»Voice Recording PC

»SMDR (reporting) PC

»Management PC

»Lightning protector


IPX-10 Capacities

Up to 24 ports, 4/8 or 4/20 or 8/16

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Multitek Ipx-10 Ip Switchboard For Small Business 4 External 8 Internal Growable Switchboard

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