Smart Home Management with KNX Devices

Smart Home Management with KNX Devices
Smart Home Management with KNX Devices
Why Use KNX Smart Home System?

KNX is Europe's most reliable home automation and intelligent building system technology defined by the EN50090 standard.
It is a smart home and building control system which is formed by more than 240 leading companies in the world.
80% of the home systems installed in the world is the KNX system. This is proof that the KNX standard is a widely used and reliable system.

KNX; easy to use, easy to wiring, high security, centralized control, you can ask a negative account of certified products standard.
Modem is a system that can be integrated with different building management systems with its future-oriented structure.
It is a system that can supply products from different manufacturers and has an infrastructure independent from the manufacturer.

Provides a single infrastructure and maximum flexibility for many functions.
It is also a standard developed to save energy.

Some of the KNX controllers:

Control of lights
Temperature Control
Control of Audio / Video devices
Water / Electric / Gas control
Automation and remote control
Combi / Climate control
Curtain control
Control of sockets

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