Telesis Px24 Arx Pure Ip Switchboard

Telesis Px24 Arx Pure Ip Switchboard

Telesis PX24 arX Pure IP Telephone Exchange is a professional Pure IP telephone exchange with support for SIP IP ports, registrars for VoIP calls, Pure IP applications, IP telephones, softphones, Telesis special xSIP protocol support.

Telesis PX24 with arX unblocking structure;

40 SIP (SIP Trunk or SIP subscriber), 4 xSIP subscribers, 8 channel VoIP capacity, 4 + 4 channel professional voice response system and voice mail capability, 1 multi-purpose relay as standard offers.

PX24 arX is literally a price / performance product. It is unrivaled with its unoblocked structure, crypto capabilities, integrated embedded Ldap server feature and secure, native operating system that does not contain open source, as well as proper installation costs.

Optionally, VoIP and automatic voice recording capacity can only be increased by license. All licenses of the PX24 arX Pure IP exchange are valid for life as in other Telesis products.

Telesis PX24 arX is a telephone exchange that can work with hundreds of different IP Telephony models that support SIP protocol. In this way, hundreds of different models of IP telephones can be used in the same organization without brand dependency.

Usage areas:

Up to 40 subscribers, many organizations with a network infrastructure suitable for Pure IP Telephone Exchange prefer Telesis arX and can find all the services that are safe, uninterrupted, comfortable, quality, economical and complete in communication thanks to its superior technology and integrated equipment.

PX24 arX provides secure communication opportunities for IP telephony users, companies installed in geographically dispersed locations with stores or branches and using IP telephones only.

In addition, the PX24 arX offers affordable price / quality / capability performance for organizations that want to use IP telephones in the office.

Thanks to the compatibility of the PX24 arX with hundreds of different brands and models of SIP telephones, you can use your existing IP telephones as well as purchase new IP telephones of your choice.

PX24 arX Integrated Capabilities

Standard 8 VoIP channels (expandable),

40 SIP accounts,

4 xSIP accounts,

1 standard multi-purpose relay,

Softphone PC Phone and Mobile SIP Subscriber (Mobile phone subscriber) support,

256 Bit encryption and Diffie-Helman key exchange for xSIP subscribers,

Superior security and fast Xymphony operating system without open source code,

Standard 4-channel reception, 4-channel message recording / DVR Hardware (Voice Reply, Voice Recording, Voice Message) (can be increased),

Professional Robot Operator (45 Sub Menu, 100 Different Scenario, Time Control),

Multiple Languages ​​and Different Welcome Messages (Different Greetings for Different International Groups),

12,000 Minutes Voice Mailbox,

Voice Recording (Instant and Automatic (optional)),

Caller ID on all subscribers,

Ethernet Hardware, Web Interface (Remote Access),

IP v6 and Video call support,

Integrated SIP Registrar / Proxy / Server,

Multiple Conference (Classic and Conference Room),

Call Recording, Pricing and Reporting Software (XTools),

Improved Time Limits and Routes in International Line Applications,

SNMP, TAPI and xAPI Support,

Outlook integration,

Sending missed calls and system warning messages via e-mail server,

Embedded LDAP server and so on. many features…

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Telesis Px24 Arx Pure Ip Switchboard

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