Telesis Px24 Nrx Nano Ip Telephone Exchange

Telesis Px24 Nrx Nano Ip Telephone Exchange

Telesis PX24 nrX is a professional Autonomous IP Hybrid telephone exchange with 2 IP Trunk, 4 analog external, 8 analog internal, 1 digital, 32 IP (SIP) subscriber, 2 channel VoIP capacity.

The 4th generation of PX24 nano, which is the first hybrid hybrid power plant in the world, is able to become a Cluster member and thus increase capacity, 7 ″ touch color screen, IP capabilities, professional robot operator, voice recording capabilities etc. is a compact, economical and professional telephone exchange solution that can offer all the capabilities expected from large capacity products with its features.

The most important feature of Telesis rX power plants is that it contains everything you could want from a power plant without any hardware. In its structure, central processor (CPU), server, distributed CPU, rack drive, tower pass card, additional control card, IP - VoIP card, additional power units of different capacities, robot card etc. no hardware.

The architecture of the rX, consisting solely of an autonomous processor, power unit and user cards, is unmatched in simplicity, thus creating perfection.

With CAU technology, rXs can come together to operate in a single plant structure with a far superior integrity than traditional distributed architecture plant solutions. Both in the same location and geographical locations without losing any features, without the need of a center or leader can work in a single plant structure with perfect integrity. Connected via IP network (LAN / WAN), rXs support connections with or without VPN without any security vulnerability, making a big difference compared to all other plants in other traditional distributed architecture.

All plants in traditional distributed architecture are connected to and managed from a center. The integrity of the structure deteriorates when the center connection is broken or the central system fails. In this case, the remote ends either only work internally or not at all. It is highly likely that all programs, parameters and information of the system will be lost with a central failure. However, there is no center for rXs with CAU technology. Each autonomous unit is connected simultaneously to all other units. And no unit has superiority over the other. The failure of any unit affects only that unit, and all other units continue to operate in a single plant structure as a whole without being affected at all. No matter which unit is connected, the whole system is managed, reported and controlled as a whole. Cluster members can be both PX24 xrX, PX24 mrX, PX24 nrX, and prX.

Usage areas

Many organizations that need a small office or home office switchboard for stand-alone use, while public organizations, hospitals, universities, hotels, factories, call centers, headquarters, etc. are preferred by Telesis rX for autonomous use. Thanks to their technology and integrated equipment, they can find all the services that are safe, uninterrupted, comfortable, quality, economical and complete.

Thanks to the autonomous capabilities of rXs, it is especially preferred by organizations with multiple locations. The superior and unique communication security brought by the autonomous capabilities, the absence of channel restriction between locations, the ability of all units to operate as a whole in a single plant structure, the follow-up of the occupancy of the subscribers in different locations, the ability of all external locations to keep backup of other locations (geographic redundancy) to be reported from the location, stored in different locations to store the sound recordings at a desired location, etc. many talents provide unmatched opportunities for organizations with dispersed locations.

Connected via IP network (LAN / WAN), rXs support connections with or without VPN without any security vulnerability, making a big difference compared to all other plants in other traditional distributed architecture.


PX24 nano nrX Integrated Capabilities;

Capacity: 4 External, 1 Digital Internal, 8 Domestic, 32 IP Subscriber (SIP), 2 channel VoIP, 1 relay
Cluster License installation and capacity increase support,
Continuous communication thanks to autonomous feature,
Unlimited access channels between units (between locations),
256-bit encryption and Diffie-Helman key exchange, secure communication with sRTP / TLS,
Superior security and fast Xymphony operating system without open source code,
Standard 4-channel reception, 4-channel message recording / DVR Hardware (Voice Response, Voice Recording, Voice Message) in each unit (can be increased),
Professional Robot Operator (45 Sub Menu, 100 Different Scenario, Time Control),
Multiple Languages ​​and Different Welcome Messages (Different Greetings for Different International Groups),
Voice Mailbox starting at 12,000 Minutes per unit,
Automatic License sharing,
Automatic synchronization,
Automatic backup,
Automatic parameter transfer,
Divide into hundreds of units,
Scattered architecture and geographical redundancy,
Voice Recording (Instant and Automatic (requires license)),
Caller ID on all subscribers,
Integrated Ethernet Hardware, Web Interface (Remote Access) and VoIP support (expandable),
IP v6 and Video call support,
Integrated SIP Registrar / Proxy / Server,
PC and Console Support for Digital and Analog Domestic Subscribers (XCom),
Softphone PC Phone (XPhone) and Mobile SIP Subscriber support,
Conference support (Classic and Conference Room),
Call Recording, Pricing and Reporting Software (XTools),
Inbound International Line - Connecting International Line and Routing Domestic Line to Mobile Phone,
Improved Time Limits and Routes in International Line Applications,
LDAP server, SNMP and TAPI Support
Sending voice mail, missed calls and system warning messages via e-mail server,
Embedded LDAP server and so on. many features…

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Telesis Px24 Nrx Nano Ip Telephone Exchange

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