Telesis Px24 Xrx Lite Ip Telephone Exchange

Telesis Px24 Xrx Lite Ip Telephone Exchange

Telesis PX24 xrX lite Autonomous upgradeable Hybrid IP Telephone Switchboard is designed to provide the basic switchboard services of an organization. XrX lite, which provides basic external line services and analog, digital and IP subscriber support without requiring any license, distinguishes itself by its integrated professional voice response system (Professional Robot Operator) and independent dual channel power unit. xrX lite is a complete price / performance product. Infrastructure, architecture and interface cards from the world's unique brother PX24 xrX xrX lite, advanced capabilities, despite the robust and stable structure with competitive prices sought-after telephone exchange solution. Thanks to its xrX lite updatable structure, it can be updated whenever you need it and get PX24 xrX Autonomous features.


PX24 xrX lites provide the highest level of professional peripherals with the ability to work with Telesis DTS7 digital, ITS7 IP sets with 7 ″ color and touch screen. The PX24 xrX lite can be mounted on a 19 ″ cabinet or on a wall without the need for an adapter.

The most important feature of xrX lites is that they can be easily updated to autonomous technology. Click to view the PX24 xrX for autonomous features.

Xymphony is a proprietary and 100% local telecommunications operating system owned by Telesis. Designed exclusively for Telesis products, Xymphony makes a difference with its exceptional speed, flexibility and hundreds of embedded capabilities outside of maximum security. rX lites are unrivaled by the Xymphony operating system, which takes seconds to switch off and on. rXs can make 2.88 billion transactions per second thanks to Telesis' Xymphony operating system. rX lites can be easily managed from anywhere and from any device with the ability to program via the web interface.

Imagine a power unit such that even if it fails, it can continue to operate from its own 2nd channel or battery. Even in-house hot-redundant and power-sharing special power units designed specifically for PX24 xrX lites are unrivaled. PX24 xrXs, the main target of which is designated as uninterrupted communication, allow the installation of 2 hot redundant and power sharing power units per rack. In this way, the power units can be replaced without disconnecting the system even in case of possible channel failures. The use of a 2 + 2 hot-redundant power pack is a unique ability of PX24 xrX lites.

Usage areas:

Public and private sector organizations, schools, hospitals, universities, hotels, factories, etc. many organizations prefer Telesis rX lite, secure, uninterrupted, comfortable, quality, economical and complete services can find all together.

 PX24 xrX lite Integrated Capabilities;

Simultaneous analog, digital and IP subscriber support,

Softphone PC Phone support,

Superior security and fast Xymphony operating system without open source code,

Standard 4 channel Professional Robot Operator (45 Sub Menu, 100 Different Scenario, Time Control) (12000 minutes),

Multiple Languages ​​and Different Welcome Messages (Different Greetings for Different International Groups),

2 standard multi-purpose relays,

Caller ID on all subscribers,

Ethernet Hardware, Web Interface (Remote Access) support,

Secure communication with 256 Bit encryption and Diffie-Helman key exchange with xSIP subscribers,

SIP and H.323 support in visitor port,

Self-contained dual-channel and power-sharing power units,

PC and Console Support for Digital and Analog Domestic Subscribers (XCom),

Multiple Conference (Classic and Conference Room),

Call Recording, Pricing and Reporting Software (XTools),

Inbound International Line - Connecting International Line and Routing Domestic Line to Mobile Phone,

Improved Time Limits and Routes in International Line Applications,

Battery support etc. many features

Basic features to be gained after autonomous update;

Continuous communication thanks to autonomous feature,

Unlimited access channels between units (between locations),

Voice Mailbox starting at 12,000 Minutes per unit,

Automatic License sharing,

Automatic synchronization,

Automatic backup,

Automatic parameter transfer,

Divide into hundreds of units,

Scattered architecture and geographical redundancy,

Standard 2 VoIP channels (expandable),

Voice Recording (Instant and Automatic),

IP v6 and Video call support,

Integrated SIP Registrar / Proxy / Server,

SNMP, TAPI and xAPI Support,

Outlook integration,

Sending missed calls and system warning messages via e-mail server,

Embedded LDAP server and so on. many features…

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Telesis Px24 Xrx Lite Ip Telephone Exchange

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