Telesis Stillink 3200 Pure Ip Switchboard

Telesis Stillink 3200 Pure Ip Switchboard

Telesis Stillink 3200 Pure IP Telephone Exchange and Signal Converter, support 30,000 SIP or H.323 IP ports, gateways, gatekeepers, registrars for VoIP calls, SS7, V5 2 Protocol on 32 E1 interface, DSS1 Euro ISDN, QSIG, R1, R2, CIS_Russian signaling types (CL-1B, OCL-1B, TCL-1B, CL-1VF, OCL-1VF, TCL-1VF, SL / ZSL, SLM), and other CAS signaling protocols, Telesis xSIP protocol with the support of Turkey and has been the number one choice of the world's many strategic organizations.

Stillink can be a Pure IP telephone exchange with a subscriber capacity of 30,000 IP with simultaneous PRI or IP, as well as both IP and Digital signal converters that enable many telecommunications systems to communicate with each other.


Stillink 3200s apart from professional pure IP telephone exchange features, unblocked structure, long-life hardware structure, durability against external factors, and make a difference with the signal conversion capabilities.

Stillink 3200, which is a complete all-in-one with integrated structure, is also a professional telecom signal converter. It can translate many signaling between continents, between countries and between operators. Specifically, interworking capability, setting adjustable signaling parameters and timing periods, making special applications specific to IP-PBX, central, central, trans-plant, transit / local, signal converters, PABX or institutions, V5.2 LE (Local) Exchange) and V5.2 AN (Acess Network) support, SS7 signaling support is superior.

Stillink 3200 supports other signals;


Usage areas:

Many organizations, especially telecom operator companies, public institutions, hospitals, universities, hotels, factories, call centers, headquarters, etc., prefer Telesis Stillink 3200 and secure, uninterrupted, comfortable, high quality communication with its superior technology and integrated equipment. They can find all the services that are economical and complete.

Stillink 3200 capabilities;

Capacity: 32 PRI, 30,000 IP Subscriber / Line (SIP and H.323),

Voice Recording (Instant and Automatic),

Integrated Ethernet Hardware, Web Interface (Remote Access) and VoIP support,

8 Channel DVR Hardware (Voice Response, Voice Recording, Voice Message) (Can be increased),

Robot Operator (45 Submenu, 100 Different Scenarios, Time Control),

Multiple Languages ​​and Different Welcome Messages (Different Greetings for Different International Groups),

Voice Mailbox starting from 6000 minutes,

IP v6 and Video call support,

Integrated H.323 Gatekeeper, SIP Registrar / Proxy / Server,


Softphone PC Phone (XPhone) and Mobile SIP Subscriber support,

Conference support (Classic and Conference Room),

Call Recording, Pricing and Reporting Software (XTools),

Inbound International Line - Connecting International Line and Routing Domestic Line to Mobile Phone,

Improved Time Limits and Routes in International Line Applications,

SNMP and TAPI Support etc. many features…

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Telesis Stillink 3200 Pure Ip Switchboard

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